Spring Break Saudi Style – Deserted In The Desert


Of course I have video footage, but YouTube, removed their bulk uploader and the normal one doesn’t do diddly squat. So pictures will have to suffice.

I did not travel, but I hosted a family from Hail, KSA for a few days.

My family was invited to the desert by one of our dear adoptive Saudi families, from the Eastern Province. They were visiting Riyadh and we haven’t seen them since we left the EP, so we spent the day in the desert with them and later had a late dinner (in the summer, on weekends, and vacations dinner is not served until at least 10pm) at a relative’s house in a nearby village. I really do miss hanging out with my Simple Saudi friends. Since moving to Riyadh, I’ve only met the Elite. Well, I have two average Saudi families that I am friends with, but they still are on the fancy side. The ones in the EP keep it real….you can kick your shoes off with them and eat on the floor. Really, in Riyadh the people I know don’t take their shoes off and they eat at long dinner tables that seat at least 14 people…lol!

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You see the pic with our old Suburban? Well the not so funny story, is that as soon as we FINALLY made it to the end of the road that led us to the section of the desert where the family farm is, my dh was instructed to abandon me and the girls in the middle of nowhere  (with no bathroom!) with some Bedouin women who were picnicking on the other side of their more modern ‘gymps’ (That’s how they actually pronounce GMC). He and Adam then left in a pickup truck to go drink camel’s milk at the farm. He called later to tell me to send the girls down to the farm and that’s where I took the rest of the pictures and some great video.

The last pic is the meal we had. This was the most fun part of the night (plus since we were at a house we could use a BATHROOM). There were so many people there. The host is the village realtor and he lives in this big huge villa with plenty of land and a tent in the yard.  They also have a separate house just for their humongous kitchen, which I thought was great considering I’ve had two kitchen fires.

Anyway, the family hasn’t seen me for a while and they were saying that it looked like I lost weight. One of the fluffier local women perked up at the mention of weight lost and wanted to know how she could lose weight. They started teasing her saying that she was a candy addict and spent 25 riyals on chocolate bars a day! That’s about 10 candy bars! She doesn’t exercise but she dances. She got up and tried to pull me to the floor to dance. I kid you not the old granny with the oxygen tank started chanting a Bedouin song..the women started hair dancing and granny got up and got jiggy with it. She pulled the oxygen tubes out of her nose and threw her cane in the air like she didn’t care!

That was a night to remember!


I’m Glad My Mom Sold Out When She Did


Wow! Today’s Chicago Suntimes ran an article specfically about the Condo I grew up in. We lived in Unit 11D.

Here’s a clip:

Condo owners sinking in South Shore

Upkeep demands turning vintage property to money pit

April 11, 2010

BY MARY MITCHELL Sun-Times Columnist

With a panoramic view of the Jackson Park golf course and Lake Michigan, the Shoreline Condominium at 2231 E. 67th was once a swanky address that only the elite could afford.

Barbara Proctor, founder of the nation’s second-largest advertising agency, once owned the penthouse.

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Mary Mitchell

So did two judges, and a pioneering South Side businessman.

But a place that was once a status symbol for well-to-do African-Americans is a nightmare for some of the people who are living there today.

Some residents are up in arms about hefty assessments caused by mandates, such as the City of Chicago’s facade ordinance.

Read the rest here

That article just brought back painful memories. We were always hit with assessments, special assessments, and then some! Let’s not talk about the property taxes. I hated watching my mother struggle to survive. She finally sold that Condo a few years ago.

It Wasn’t Me!!!!!


A sister contacted me and asked if she could talk to me via google talk. I downloaded it and she called me but in the chat box it had chats from me that I did not send. Shortly after, a man came on and told me that he that he knew my husband and for me not to contact him again under any circumstances…he ended the chat with ‘astaufirallah’. When I looked at the chat box it showed that I had been FLIRTING with him!!!! It had me saying that I was a 23 year old female from India and asking him…asl?

If you get anything out of the ordinary from me…and if you do not know me but some how communicated with me at least once on gmail (cuz they save your contacts) and suddenly you start getting chats and emails from me…it wasn’t me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I uninstalled googletalk!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Man’s Bidet


I must have  lost my mind when I first saw this monstrosity. I’m use to a proper bidet [said with a fake British accent]

My kids were afraid at first, because it looks like it could cause some serious damage if you know what I mean. However, turns out this thing works wonders – masha’Allah!

Interesting Clash of Culture Burger King Promo That Gave Me More Food For Thought Than I Bargained For


Disclaimer: Lying is haram. whether the one who does it is joking or is serious.

Lying in jest is haram. just like other kinds of lies.

It was narrated that Ibn ‘Umar said: “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ‘I joke, but I speak nothing but the truth.’”

(narrated by al-Tabarani in al-Mu’jam al-Kabeer, 12/391)

You can thank Sarah Palin for the geographical blooper. As far as living in a tent….I’m even asked this question!

This was my favorite! I thought the guys played along great with this and the brunette had me rofl with her “y’all” and “for real”. Where did they find her? [This was my first reaction before I put on my Islamic goggles]

I heard that some Saudis may be offended by this, I hope not, because it really showed what a great sense of humor Saudis have. Now the National Association For Dumb Blondes, may call for a boycott….lol [Again, initial thought, now that I think about it you can have a sense of humor without lying…I know people must be thinking I’m such a prude…but I like a good laugh as much as anyone else]

After posting this, I’m questioning how I can find a haram act (lying) funny. What does that say about me?

The Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam said:

Woe to him, the person that lies to make people laugh.

O you who believe, all you people who claim to be believers, fear Allah and be with those who are truth-tellers, and be with the truthful ones.

Saf Thani Al Ibtida’e Dars Qirah (2nd Grade Primary School Reading Lesson)


This is my daughter doing her reading homework. I love it! It wasn’t even in her religion class, it is in the reading class.

I actually had this same book, because I went to night school and completed 1st and 2nd grade…lol

As Muslims, our faith is not complete, and our worship is not sufficient, until we have built the strong bonds of brotherhood amongst ourselves. This fact is frequently forgotten by many Muslims, and these bonds are broken over minor disputes and arguments. This 2nd grade lesson in the Saudi school curriculum discusses the importance of brotherhood in Islam, with evidence from the Quran, Sunnah and the Seerah.

Ana Arif! Fahemt! Maloom! ROFL!


I  just received the following message from a Saudi friend,

يو ولكم ان شاء الله وي قنا ميت يو اند يور جلدرن ان تارا هوس سون امباسبل
When I first opened the email, I was like, ‘ O no it’s inArabic!   ‘.  Once  I read it I fell out laughing.  She simple wrote English in Arabic. I understood everything accept for the last word.  Any idea?  Here’s what I understood…
You are welcome. Insha’Allah we can meet you and your children at Tara House soon (if possible?)

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