Umm Adam’s Birth Story Featured in Saudi Birth Story.

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Aisha AlHajjar ever so kindly had me relive the horror! She retold the tales my unnatural birthing experiences on her blog, Saudi Birth Story. Alhamdullilah, my repeat cesareans turned until repeated blessings with the birth of my FABULOUS FOUR. Masha’Allah Tabak’Allah! You can read all about it here.


Top Of The Morning



The girls are getting ready for school. Here is this morning’s talk:

DD #1: your teacher is sooo mean, she screams at me whenever YOU do something wrong. Don’t fall asleep in class today.

DD #2: I KNOW! *Awwal Jeem’s teacher is sooo nice. She gives them lollypops. All you have to do is go to the teacher and say, “May I have a lollypop” and she gives you one. But not *Awwal Ba’s teacher, she’s sooo mean!

DD#1: You should transfer to awwal jeem.

* Saf Awwal is First grade, they have 4 1st grade classes and she is in awwal ba (class b)

In other exciting news.


Suger Ray Ray took his first unassisted steps last night (11months) – masha’Allah – and I MISSED IT ! So the girls are running late for school trying to reenact it for me.



This would have made a much better video, because he kept getting excited and clapping his hands, turning to look at me to see if I can see his accomplishments, and falling down. He’s not 100% yet but it’s a milestone – masha’Allah.

A Boy and A Booger



I think children are fascinating little things. Take my Adam for example, it always amazes me how he has a split personality. He is generally a very good boy – masha’Allah. However, he does let his guard down with me and at home.

Last week when picking him up from the bus stop, all of the kids happily bounced off the bus with bright smiles and excited to see their awaiting mothers. Adam slowly walked off the bus with his head down and a look of concern on his face. When he approached me, he stuck out his finger and with a look of shame whispered, “here Mommy…it’s a booger” and handed me this dried up bloody booger. Any other kid would have wiped that booger on the seat or something, but not Mommy’s good boy. He’s like that – so considerate – masha’Allah. I told him to just hold on to his little booger until we got home and then I would clean it all up.

Adam At Home

Tonight, we are all layng in the bed going to sleep (yes ALL OF US! I finally got the girls in their room and wouldn’t you know it now my baby rolls and crawls and falls out the bed every chance he gets and so now I’ve decided to put them all to bed on the floor in the girls room) and Adam’s ‘at home with my loving Mommy’ personality comes out. After we recite Quran and make our dua, he looks over at me while I’m nursing the baby to sleep and says, “Mommy can I put a booger in Ray Ray’s hair?” Of course I tell him he can not. I had no idea the question was posed in hindsight and he said, “Okay, let me get it out of his hair” and proceeded to remove his little booger from his baby brothers hair.

What happened to my considerate son?

Adam's First Day  of School

He does the same thing wth his school bag. His teacher tells me how proud she is of him because he always keeps his station clean and never moves to the next activity center until he puts everything properly away. Yet he walks in the door of the house and drops everything at the entry. Of course my husband dotes about this. He thinks that our children feel loved and secure and this is why they are slobs more comfortable expressing themselves with us. I’m sure there is some truth in that. 

Yup my little critters – masha’Allah. 

*He totally built that animal parking lot all by himself and as soon as I pulled out my camera this other kid came along messing up stuff!

What Had Happened Was…


I don’t know if I should laugh or be concerned – so I blog.

I give my girls lunch money once a week. The rst of the week I pack them healthful and nutritious lunches. It hasn’t always been like that. In the past, I’ve alternated between giving them lunch money and packing a typical lunch of a sandwich (white buns/pita bread with Labnah and zatar or PB&J on wheat), chips, and a juice or drink box). If I sent money they bought either cheese, labnah, or zatar sandwiches, chips, drink boxes and CANDY! This school year I decided that I could not take them eating like that anymore and that they were old enough for nuts not to be a choking hazzard wa nauthoo billahi min thaliq. I now send them hamburgers or chicken burgers, raisins & nuts, applesauce, and juice and milk boxes (they have two snack breaks).

Last week my oldest daughter asked for lunch money and I told her no. I knew that she would have bought a bunch of junk with it. Despite the school policy of no junk food allowed, they sale JUNK to the children! My daughter inherited my sweet tooth and would see the candy and buy that first. Not to mention the sandwiches are really some thick white bread with very little filler and the drinks are  colored suger water.

The same day by daughter comes home and informs me that she owes Teacher Gadaa 2 Saudi Riyals. Poor thing didn’t even know she did something wrong and informed me like it was OK. Did she think i was Boo Boo The Fool?

Well, I had a word or two for her! She said that,’what had happened was’ that she gave her lunch away and was hungry and asked Teacher Gadaa if she could borrow the money. I was livid. I had to think quick!

[No I didn’t spank her…would you have? We don’t spank…does poping upside the back of the head count?]

What was I to do? She could not get away with this. If I gave her the money then surely, I was going to get played the rest of my life. I told her that the reason I didn’t give her money was not that I didn’t have it (this time) but because I wanted to ensure that they were eating properly and that she is not to borrow money from anyone to buy lunch when I have packed her a good lunch. Be that as it may, she was going to have to get a job to pay that teacher back, because she was not forcing me to do so.






That was last week. Life goes on and well I cant remember every little incident that happens around here. I for get whose in time out and how long they’ve been in it. Often I discover they are in time out when I call them all and one is missing and I discover that they fell asleep in time out.

So this morning, as I get them ready for school, I remember that my daughter owes the teacher money and I ask her about it (thinking I could get her to babysit or something for me so I can blog…lol). She looks up at me with those big beautiful innocent eyes and with the most precious and loving smile says, “[Her sister’s name]friend gave her 5 SR and so she gave me 3 SR and I gave Teacher Gadaa 2 SR and kept 1 SR for myself.”

I kid you not, I just looked at her and turned around and wrote this entry. WHAT THE…?! This is like crazy on so many levels. I am not good at disciplining, because half of the time I’m too busy trying to keep a straight face.

I’m A Soccer Mom Now!






and a Karate Mom

and a Fencing Mom


Praise Be To Allah! I have been searching for years for physical activities for my girls and I can not tell you how happy I am to have found them. For 5 years I lived among very conservative Saudis in an isolated location, so there was nothing available – masha’Allah. This move near the big city was good for us in so many ways – alhamduillah.

I have loved gymnastics since I was a girl and wanted to live vicariously through my daughters. I have finally found a gymnastics class for them, but of course there is music being played. My husband told me to send them with ear plugs! For one, they would take them out. Two, they wouldn’t be able to hear the teacher. I’m hoping that I can ge a group of girls togther and see if the teacher has the time to teach a music free class. She’s very busy so we will see.

I’m also pleased because the fening teacher’s wife was a competitive swimmer and has offered to train my oldest daughter. Masha’Allah, I have a friend who use to swim with her and she said that my daughter is like a mermaid. She has been swiming since she was two years old and has nevered feared the water. I’m hoping this new trainer can take her to another level.

Well all these activities on top of regular mommy duties, means that I am  one tired mommy! I love it though and am so happy for my kids – masha’Allah.

Speaking Of Baby Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him)…



~ Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith: Hadith 4.641~

Narrated by Said bin Al Musaiyab (radhi Allahu anhu):
Abu Huraira (radhi Allahu anhu) said, “I heard Allah’s Apostle -Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam- saying, ‘There is none born among the off-spring of Adam, but Satan touches it. A child therefore, cries loudly at the time of birth because of the touch of Satan, except Mary and her child.”

Then Abu Huraira (radhi Allahu anhu) recited:
“And I seek refuge with You for her and for her offspring from the outcast Satan” (Quran  3.36)

~ ~ ~

Incredible Baby!


I think my 9 month old son had a growth spurt this week – masha’allah. I gave him a bath last night and put him in his pj’s. Later we went out to my Sunday night Halaqa (Islamic Study Circle) and his toes starting popping out of the feet of his pajamas -masha’Allah. I told a sister at the halaqa that he looked like the Incredible Hulk after he started bursting threw. I took this picture this morning after walking my son to the bus stop and going for my 2 mile trip, stumble, and fall in this dang nabit abaya that keeps getting stuck in the stroller while watchin this non Muslim chick in her spandex and fancy jogging stroller make it look like she’s floating on air! walk.

I kid you not, those pajamas fit him when i put them on last night!

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