Of course I have video footage, but YouTube, removed their bulk uploader and the normal one doesn’t do diddly squat. So pictures will have to suffice.

I did not travel, but I hosted a family from Hail, KSA for a few days.

My family was invited to the desert by one of our dear adoptive Saudi families, from the Eastern Province. They were visiting Riyadh and we haven’t seen them since we left the EP, so we spent the day in the desert with them and later had a late dinner (in the summer, on weekends, and vacations dinner is not served until at least 10pm) at a relative’s house in a nearby village. I really do miss hanging out with my Simple Saudi friends. Since moving to Riyadh, I’ve only met the Elite. Well, I have two average Saudi families that I am friends with, but they still are on the fancy side. The ones in the EP keep it real….you can kick your shoes off with them and eat on the floor. Really, in Riyadh the people I know don’t take their shoes off and they eat at long dinner tables that seat at least 14 people…lol!

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You see the pic with our old Suburban? Well the not so funny story, is that as soon as we FINALLY made it to the end of the road that led us to the section of the desert where the family farm is, my dh was instructed to abandon me and the girls in the middle of nowhere  (with no bathroom!) with some Bedouin women who were picnicking on the other side of their more modern ‘gymps’ (That’s how they actually pronounce GMC). He and Adam then left in a pickup truck to go drink camel’s milk at the farm. He called later to tell me to send the girls down to the farm and that’s where I took the rest of the pictures and some great video.

The last pic is the meal we had. This was the most fun part of the night (plus since we were at a house we could use a BATHROOM). There were so many people there. The host is the village realtor and he lives in this big huge villa with plenty of land and a tent in the yard.  They also have a separate house just for their humongous kitchen, which I thought was great considering I’ve had two kitchen fires.

Anyway, the family hasn’t seen me for a while and they were saying that it looked like I lost weight. One of the fluffier local women perked up at the mention of weight lost and wanted to know how she could lose weight. They started teasing her saying that she was a candy addict and spent 25 riyals on chocolate bars a day! That’s about 10 candy bars! She doesn’t exercise but she dances. She got up and tried to pull me to the floor to dance. I kid you not the old granny with the oxygen tank started chanting a Bedouin song..the women started hair dancing and granny got up and got jiggy with it. She pulled the oxygen tubes out of her nose and threw her cane in the air like she didn’t care!

That was a night to remember!