Wow! Today’s Chicago Suntimes ran an article specfically about the Condo I grew up in. We lived in Unit 11D.

Here’s a clip:

Condo owners sinking in South Shore

Upkeep demands turning vintage property to money pit

April 11, 2010

BY MARY MITCHELL Sun-Times Columnist

With a panoramic view of the Jackson Park golf course and Lake Michigan, the Shoreline Condominium at 2231 E. 67th was once a swanky address that only the elite could afford.

Barbara Proctor, founder of the nation’s second-largest advertising agency, once owned the penthouse.

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Mary Mitchell

So did two judges, and a pioneering South Side businessman.

But a place that was once a status symbol for well-to-do African-Americans is a nightmare for some of the people who are living there today.

Some residents are up in arms about hefty assessments caused by mandates, such as the City of Chicago’s facade ordinance.

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That article just brought back painful memories. We were always hit with assessments, special assessments, and then some! Let’s not talk about the property taxes. I hated watching my mother struggle to survive. She finally sold that Condo a few years ago.