It is a matter of the unseen, and cannot be known except through revelation from Allah to His Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). 

I received a comment today, that prompted this reminder.

imam warith deen  mohammed was a great man allah used him to change a backward ignorant world of black/white,jew.christian and muslim hate. he was a true follower of the last prophet of Allah Mohammed (the prayers and peace beupon him )he earned heaven now its up to you to earn your heaven or hell.
peace to the ignorant

Who are we to say who earned heaven or hell? Allah Knows Best. As for now he and all of the deceased are in a state of bliss or torment called  al-Barzakh. We will all be held accountable and have to face a reckoning. A person may have appeared to us as a good person, but we can’t say that they earned paradise. It is best to say only what pleases Allah and make dua for them.

One of the ways that the Muslims have followed the kufar in, is speaking without knowledge of the deceased. It always surprises me to hear Muslims say things like:

They are in a better place

They are not suffering any more

They are in heaven

You will be with them again

How do you know that?