February 10, 2000 was the first time I gave birth to a child and it was the first time I nursed a child. February 10, 2008 was the last time I gave birth to a child. February 10, 2010 is the first day I started to wean my last child. This is going to be so bittersweet.

On one hand I am looking forward to life without a baby attached to my breast. On the other hand, it is always so sad to see their little confused faces when Mommy won’t let them nurse. In typical form, baby boy threw a tantrum last night and it took me 5 hours to put him to sleep. I eventually read him to sleep, after he tried cuddling up with his father. It worked! Alhamduillah for two parents. I guess he figured if I wasn’t giving him what he wanted, he might as well get in good with the old man.

Truthfully, breastfeeding has restricted me more than anything. Many people wonder how I can be in such a restrictive religion or how I can wear such restrictive clothes. Nothing has taken away my freedom like breastfeeding has! Yet I chose to breastfeed all of my children for at least 2 years each. This will be my first time in over 10 years not pregnant and/or breastfeeding. They usually overlap. It’s my first time weaning a child without expecting another one. How liberating!

I can now wear what I wanna wear! No more easy access clothes. Woo Hoo!!!