Sorry guys, I haven’t been following my own blog lately. tToday was the last day of the first semester. We had exams here in Saudi for the past 2 weeks. For all of you unfamiliar with exam time in Saudi….LIFE STOPS! …and NOT just for the students! Everybody loses their minds and go into complete panic mode. So I’ve been busy.

Plus, we started a new Face Book group this week, so all of my free time has been spent kicking that off. It’s a women’s only group about life in Saudi. We’ve been having a blast so far. Come join Sisters in Saudi Sand.

We are on a one week semester break. I’ll have American guest visiting from another region, insha’Allah, so I won’t be online much. If you left comments, I read them but haven’t had a chance to respond. Not sure if I will.

I’m sorry to announce that Carol over at American Bedu, has lost her husband to leukemia. Please visit her blog and leave your condolences and make dua for or brother Abdullah, his family, and all the believers.