I considered myself  late getting in on the Facebook action. I was hesitant to join, because there are so many of these social networks and I am constantly getting invited to join one or another. A couple of years ago I reconnected with many people from back in the day on Ning. These were all classmates. I am now in touch with classmates from every level of my education. After, that I gave in and joined FB. FB is what destroyed my blog! After FB I didn’t have the need to blog as much.

In addition to being reunited with my classmates, FB has hooked me up with my old homeys. This group consist of

1a – People I grew up with in Chicago

1b- Muslims I met after embracing Islam in Chicago

1c – Colleagues

2 – NOVA (DC,Northern Virginia, Maryland) Muslims

Other than that I have a few Muslims that I have met online as my friends.

So what’s the fitnah?

Well, the majority of my life I was not  Muslim. The majority of my life my associates were Non Muslims. This means that many of the FB status updates I read are unIslamic. I didn’t say bad, I said unIslamic. This is not to offend anyone. All of my FB friends are very respectful, they don’t have vulgar and obscene updates so I’m not talking about anything like that. It’s just that is is very easy…TOO easy for me to be ‘Tippi’ (my nickname). Don’t get me wrong, Tippi was a good girl…lol! However, Tippi wasn’t Muslim. Tippi did a lot of things that Umm Adam doesn’t do. Tippi and Umm Adam are still the same people, it’s just that Umm Adam tries to live her life in a way that is pleasing to Allah. Tippi lived her life with no guidance.

What am I saying? I’m having a good time on FB. I enjoy being connected with my friends. It is great seeing everyone all grown up. Often times, I read friends updates and I shake my head. Some of the obviously, haram things I ignore and thank Allah for guiding me to Islam. Other things make me nostalgic. I’m also more ‘in the know’ than I need to be. I was out of the loop for so long and for the most part, I still am. I actually enjoyed living in my little bubble all these years. Blogging burst that bubble first, but FB took it to another level.

I wish I could say that I am the type that analyses everything I do to see if it is beneficial or not. I do this with my life in general as far as avoiding the haram, but it is a little more difficult when it comes to the nafs and FB is definitely strictly for the nafs. I am who I am.

If it is not good for my life, afterlife, or deen then I ask Allah to remove it from me and compensate it with something more beneicial for my life, afterlife, and deen…aameen

So for the most part that’s it. No skeletons falling  of my closet type Facebook fitnah (accept for those throwback pics floating around, but those would be posted even if I were not on FB).