Please don’t start with the, “there is no such thing as bad hair” speech. That’s not my point.

It has been brought to my attention that wearing proper hijab could be a fitnah for some of the sisters who think that their hair is pretty. I remember having this same thought in the past. Now that I have left the States and been living in  multi-cultural Muslim country, I disagree. I don’t think it’s that the women think they have pretty hair and want to show it, I think it is just disobediance for a variety of reasons.

However! Since we want to go into intentions, I’d like to remind some of our sisters, who may feel that their hair is not good hair or pretty, and so they have no problem wearing proper hijab…that ALL actions are judged by intentions. Even the good actions. SWo do not think that for a minute covering up your nappy headed newborn baby girl automactically makes you more righteous than those who choose not to FORCE their kids to wear hijab. Do not think that because you choose to stsy completely covered in women only gathergs that you are more modest than the sister who is unraveling herself as she walks in the door.

Case in point: I as running late for work the other day and didn’t have time to fix my hair. I kept my hair covered that day.

2nd Case in point: Sometimes men have to come in our byilding at work. When the announcement is masde, I cover. Other women stay uncovered and don’t care.

It’s the intention.