I get a lot of people inquiring about life in Saudi and housing for expats. I usually answer them as generally as possible. However, in hopes of being discovered by Reality Show producers due to popular demand, I’ve decided to share some private videos and pictures of the Villa I recently moved from, when I thought that we were all returning to the States. I really miss this Villa, but to be honest I wanted one with a bigger yard that wraps around the house and I ask Allah for this…Allahumma Aameen.

Pay no mind to my heavy breathing, I don’t know why I was walking around my house in my niqab.

Now, I will tell you that we spent ALL of our money moving into that Villa and my dh was technically unemployed at that time. The school year had just ended and his plan was to teach a summer course in Dharan (because we still had our home there on the campus) and then come back to Riyadh where he had set up his own courses with over 300 students on his waiting list. However, the death of his ex wife and this custody case changed our plans and Allah is The Best Planner.

We were able to furnish every room in the house except my room and the boys room, on a shoestring budget. We bought everything used from the Harraj (like a flea market).

Majlis 1000sr=$266.00

This set consist of an 18 seat sofa, matching curtains, 5 throw pillows, 5 armrest, and 5 small tables. It was in excellent condition.

Maghalub 500sr = $133.00

I actually bought this 22 piece set, 5 years ago. Most people put them in tents. This room is the Sunnah/Middle East/Asian dining room. When we eat in here we roll out a sufrah (plastic table cloth used for eating on the floor) and and eat on the floor. If my husband and I have guest, this is the room that the men will eat in.

The Keeping It Real Dining Room 600sr = $160.00

I can’t always eat on the floor!

Women’s Salon 800sr = $213.00

If I have company the same time my husband does, then the women will sit here and later dine in the Western Style Dining room. However, my husband never had company and the women and children were all over the house!

Upstairs Family Room 500sr =$133.00

I know it’s ugly, but my plan was to get this furniture reupholstered. the material is dirt cheap and so is the labor. It is still a good deal to have your furniture hand made, but after pricing everything, I realised that I could save a lot of money if i went to the Harraj and found furniture that was still in good condition with firm cushions and just had them reupholstered.a set made would cost around 500sr-1000sr a meter but it is only 25sr a meter to reupholster.

The girls’ room 2000sr = $533.00

The bedroom set was new, but locally made. After my husband returned from the States in September, I was able to empty this whole house in two days. I made a small profit off of the used furniture but I lost money on the 2 bedroom sets and the new appliances, like my refrigerator.

We now live in a split Villa and have had to start all over again!