Today I was invited to an edarah at my childrens’ school. The theme was  pollution. All of the classes had displays and my daughter (she and her siblings being the only Native English speakers) lead the oral presentation for her English class.


It was encouraging to see that Saudis do give a hoot.

I loved the students’ creativity.


I lived in Jubail for 5 years and can tell you that this was a daily sight. I know many Jubailees that suffer from ailments, which are likely caused by the proximity to the industrial area.

You all know, as well as I do, that somebodies Mama did this!

The green box is my daughter’s. A’int it just genius!

There was also a very cute project on Water Pollution. After all the mothers and teachers left, and I went back to take pictures (or did I take the pictures after the fact), things turned tragic!

These fish were alive and kicking (or what ever they do) when I last saw them. I have no idea what this student put in the water to illustrate the level of contamination in the water, but whatever it was – it was FATAL!