Umm Adam is at it again! Have you guys heard of The Body Magic by Ardyss International? Probably so. Apparently, I am the last to find out about this. A friend of mine mentioned it on Face Book and I inquired about it. I originally was only interested in purchasing one for myself, but as soon as I found out that I could get them for basically half off I signed up as a distributor. Mine are in the mail and I can not wait. I ordered 2 Body Magics and 2 Angel Bras for myself and 2 men’s Abdominal shirts for my husband. I’m using them for motivation. I don’t plan on relaying on them as substitutes to a healthy lifestyle, but it would be nice to have the perfect LOOKING body for once. Plus who am I kidding? I have had 4 cesareans…my abs are shot (and so is my bladder but that’s another story!)

If you don’t know what they are; check them out on YouTube and if you would like to purchase one for yourself or know anyone who would like to drop 2-3 sizes in an instant, or even if you want to be a distributor yourself and get them at wholesale prices – check out my website or email me

Please do not request my friendship on Face book. That is personal not business.

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