This post is of a sensitive nature. I really don’t know how to say it, other than to just  speak a word straight to the point.

First, I’d like to ask that Allah facilitate  hijrah for those who sincerely desire a way out. Many Muslims in non-Muslim countries can take advantage of the fact that the Muslim world is in need of native English speakers to teach English in their countries. This has created an excellent opportunity for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. However, and unfortunately, it appears that many of the native English speaking Muslims are not qualified for the job. For years, I have been viewing the various expat forums. I can almost always tell, even without Muslim names or Islamic jargon, who the [particularly] American Muslims are. Their post are the most difficult and painstaking to read. I’m not talking about typos or bad punctuation (my areas of expertise…lol). Rather, these post are filled with the most embarrassing improper speech. When I read it, I can actually hear them speaking this way. This is how I know it was not an error and that the person actually talks like that.

I’m not writing about this to pick on anyone, because my husband is constantly telling me that I am the last person who needs to teach anybody. When I was in college, I could never get a straight A on my papers, because I had too many grammatical errors (but the content would be good enough for a high B). However, if you are looking for a job as an English teacher, then the least you could do is work on your English. These same people also seem to be the ones most offended by the fact that non-Muslims are employed in the Muslim countries. Let’s be reasonable, what are the choices?

Be that as it may, many of these half illiterate native English speakers, seem to slip through the cracks and get jobs in this part of the world. This is why my husband and I do not want our children learning English in the schools here. In most schools, you will have non-native English speaking teachers, teaching your children horrible English. On the other hand, you will find the more Islamic schools, who only wish to employ Muslim native English speakers – hiring teachers who not only do not know grammar but their spoken English is not up to par either.

This is not to offend or didiscourage people from making hijrah. However, be honest with yourself. It’s not fair to take a job (with fake credentials at that) that you are not qualified for.

Just a thought: Is it possible that the person may not even be aware that they are not speaking proper English? I ask because when they post these messages, it’s with confidence. Often times the person is even speaking with authority, telling you how it is and what to accept and what not to settle for. So it’s possible that they may not have ever been exposed to proper English and see nothing wrong with teaching broken English. Why not? The Arabs do it with Arabic.

Yeah, I know. I got a lot of nerves…this post is probably filled with errors!