You know if you remove a bunch of mesages and pics from your cell, your battery last longer? Well that is my observation at least.


In some of the really crowded areas, there may not be an actual Masjid nearby (nearby here means you don’t step outside and find one), so they put up these trailers as makeshift masajid. This is for salatul majib and all the stores closed. These are mostly shop keepers. My husband is inside of the trailer, he was there early because he sat in the car waiting for me while I shopped…lol!


See all those shoes? Somebody will go home missing theirs. My husband keeps an extra pair in the car. I’ve seen workers “looking” for their shoes and “accidently” taking the wrong ones.

Oh and that’s the wudo station in the back.



Catching a prayer here is like catching a bus. You miss one and another comes along shortly.


See it was hard enough when I had 3 kids in a King Sized bed, but when I had the baby and moved last year we were supplied with a Queen size bed. The downgraded bed and upgraded kids are killing me!

I got a plan tho, but yall know me…I do it first then tell yall later!


These are my lil men – masha’Allah. I am so proud of them and the way they look out for each other. Adam is very mature for his age – masha’Allah. This was taken when we picked him up from the school bus. He immediately got off the bus, ran to me and gave me a kiss, and then took his baby brothers hand and started walking him home! He protects his big sisters too!