Sorry guys, this post is a girly topic. Non-Muslim women, you can read it but you may not know what I’m talking about….lol! If you do please leave a comment, cuz that means you’ve done your homework!

Sugar RayRay is 15 months old now. Breastfeeds like there is no tomorrow. I started back praying two weeks after his birth and have not stopped since! 9 months of non-stop praying, when pregnant, and then a 2 week vacation instead of 40 days like normal people…lol…plus 15 months of waking up for fajr (currently 330am) even though I don’t get a full nights sleep like my husband who goes to bed right after Isha and doesn’t have to worry about changing diapers, rotating breast and keeps, waking 3 kids up 2x a night to go pottyu, and if you don’t wake them up on time you got to get everybody up to give them a bath, wash the bed and change the sheets and make a palate ion the floor to sleep on after somebody pees in the bed (kids gotta love em)!

Forget those femenist calling for equality. Let the men go to the masjid for every prayer…everyday. As long as I can sleep in a few days out of the month!

There have been indications that I may get to sleep past salatul fajr tomorrow insha’Allah!