After our Cable Cart Ride we headed down in the Valley for dinner.




The men ate dinner in this little hang out. They wanted to talk business 🙂


The women and children ate in the istaraha. A small rest area where we could get comfortable and remove our outter garments. Of course we were served heaping servings of hot rice and lamb.

Day 2 – Jabel As Sooda

The next day we were taken to Mount Sooda. This is the highest peak in all of Saudi Arabia. It’s about 10,000 feet high.








After leaving the mountain, we went to a modern mall. The husbands took the kids ice skating and to the amusement park, while the wife and I shopped.

On our final day there, we went shopping in the souk and had a pinic at a local park, before catching our 10pm flight home.

The park was bustling with excitement. They rented green machines and use of the tampoline. Straight hustlers!

My favorite part as usual is when the time for prayer comes and you see everyone – men, women, and children take a break from their fun and pray! No awkwardness, shame, or embarrassment. It is just natural and a part of life, to take time from your daily matter what you are doing to pray. Did you noticed those parked green machines? That’s because the boys were praying!

Abha, Saudi Arabia – is a nice place to visit. I’m trying not to feel pressured to live there. My husband’s friend is ill and owns a factory in town, that he has closed down because of his illness. He wants to make my husband his business partner. My husband said that it is the opportunity of a lifetime. However, Abha is for locals. If you are not from there or do not have family there, it will be very difficult to live there. Most people live in Family Apartment buildings, and have their relatives as neighbors. Children do not go outside to play. My kids would be bored and depressed. We are already without our family, but to not have at least a good grocery store to go to would be aweful…lol. We lived 5 years out in the boonies when we first came to Saudi, but my girls were little. Now they are older and active. They take tai kwon do,  karate, and swimming. This would not be possible in a ‘Village’.