Isn’t that the cutest little thing? That water hose is to make istinja with. Muslims don’t wipe and smear urine and fecal matter over their body with toilet tissue – they clean it off properly with water.  The below pic illustrates to the children at my son’s school,  proper toilet habits.



Because this is in Arabic look at the last picture first…go in reverse order. In case it’s not clear here are the instrutions:

1. Sit dow – that means BOYS TOO! Even Muslim boys sit down to urinate. After starting to practice Islam, I potty trained my nephew to sit down and my brother complained that I was treated him like a ‘fag’…his words. I never understood why it was just a Muslim thing. It’s much cleaner and anybody with little boys know how messy things can get standing up. I can still remember my brother playng fireman and peeing all over the bathroom.

2.  Make istinja. Most bathrooms in Saudi come with the istinja hose, much cleaner than the water buckets..unless of course it’s not been properly hung up and it’s lying in a suspicious pool of “water”?

3. Flush The Toilet

4. Wash Your Hands

5. Dry your hands

6. Put the paper towel in the trash.

So now that we know that the children are being taught proper toilet habits in Saudi, how do we explain the disgusting bathrooms in the Kingdom?