In my last post, I told you how I posted a picture of myself without my niqab (face veil) on facebook (only females except for a few male family members…my brother, nephew, and lil cousin). I said that it was to let them see that I didn’t have a black eye…you know people think all Muslim women are abused. Well the other day I had a freak accident (or was it?). I was answering the telephone and knocked myself silly on the bone, with the reciever, that surrounds the eye socket. It started off as a small bruise but is now sort of a black eye. Freak accident? Coincidence? Or did somebody give me the ayn (evil eye)?



I wonder why would a woman who is wearing niqab talk about her beauty. Why don’t you just take it off and show your beautiful face to the whole world. Men you are going through mid life crisis .

Why are you talking about other sisters who have yuk mouth subhanallah what is wrong with you. Fear your lord girl. I don’t think you are all that beautiful because if you were really beautiful you wouldn’t want to talk about yourself. I feel sorry for your husband……… poor man!

For the record, I should have put “beauty” in Quotation Marks, because I was saying it in a “quote/unquote” type of way. It was not to be taken serious and I was no way trying to make myself out to be some super model…ha I laugh at that. 
I am an almost 40 year old mother of 4 – invisible to to half of mankind, while cloaked in all black from head to toe, had my last child and did myself a favor by losing some weight…allow me to amuse myself sometimes…aight?
Arrogant I am not. I’m not conceited…I’m convinced…just kidding…but seriously…if you know me then you know I was just having some fun with the topic because my husband thinks he’s a know it all…that’s what I thought was so funny…
Susanne got it!
…and what is with this mid life crisis nonsense? This is the second time a commentor suggested I am having a mid life crisis.
People to to chill…