1. Why me?

As you all may NOT know, I recently purchased my very own BRAND NEW laptop for my online business. Our house is the home of used computers. I can’t help myself, they have these big moving sales in our area 2x a year and for some reason I keep buying used PCs and laptops. Every single one I have bought have at least one element missing that I need. Now since I don’t know a thing about computers outside of surfing the net, I keep buying without asking the right questions. Even my BRAND NEW laptop, I was so excited that it was fully loaded, wireless bluetooth, and built in web cam that that was all I needed to know. However, once I hooked it up I realised that a. I HATE VISTA and b. Windows Vista Basic is a SCAM! I didn’t even realize it was a basic and a premium. Sales Clerks here are not like in the States who try to explain the benefits of an Upgrade. So while excited that I have a DVD player…there are no DVD DRIVERS In Basic!!! Isn’t that stupid?

Anyway, I finally figured out how to work the webcam (FN + f7) the other day and I was screaming for my husband to hurry up so that his sister could see him and my frantic kids came running in to my STAY AWAY FROM area and Adam knocked over a pitcher of water and fried my brand new laptop.

I let it dry out for two days…nothing. Dh put it in the shop today, so insha’Allah they can revive it. If not I’ll have to get a new one….PREMIUM this time insha’Allah. In the meantime my buiness is on hold because this old decrepid desktop is barely running and gets stressed out easy. It won’t allow me to open hotmail or facebook and any other modern applications. It barely and only sometimes let’s me blog.

and forget about spell check!

2. Ladies Night Out – NEVER AGAIN Not Without My Babies!

The other night my husband told me at the last minute that I was requred to attend a Walima (wedding Party) of my adopted Saudi Family’s. I brought an American friend who asked if I would tell her the next time I go to a GHETTO Walima (google it I blogged about it), because she only associates with stankin rich Saudis and go to really extravagant walimas. When my husband dropped us off I was told at the door no children. The Saudi guy that we are closes to in the family called inside and the girls were allowed to come in but the boys stayed with their father because that was the plan anyway. I told my friend that I was so happy that the girls were with me because I honestly don’t know what to do without them, she screamed “Have fun! You need to learn how to have fun without them.”

Anyway, it turned out NOT to be a walima. It was a really nice Ladies Night Out Party. They really out did themselves. My friend was the life of the party. They will probably kick me out the tribe and replace me with her. They said I’m too quiet! Can you believe that? I’ve NEVER been called quiet in my life.

So my dh comes and picks us up. The boys are sleep. He tells me that he had to take Adam to the doctor because SOMEBODY SLAMMED HIS HAND UNDER THE TRUNK OF OUR SUBURBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is precisely, why I have no life. I have a friend that requested that I come visit her or hang out with her during the day while 3 of my 4 kids are in school. I told her that I’m not comfortable leavng the house when they are not home. Don’t ask….I have no idea, it just seems weird. I may run to the store but nowhere for too long. The school could call…what?!

3. Umm Adam’s Secret Beauty Tips Revealed By Abu Adam.

So I put a picture of myself without the veil on Facebook, so my friend and family could see that I didn’t have black eyes or look morbidly depressed from being a poor oppressed Muslim. OK truth was I had just discovered how to use the secondary camera on my cell phone and took my pic and put it up…but my rationale was the same. Let them see I am happy and content with my life. I know they worry.

I did not expect the reaction I received. Of course people have to be polite and say nice things. When a woman unveils it can be very awkward. My husband and some of his friends use to joke that when they were wife searching they would wonder if their reaction when the sister unveiled would be “Masha’Allah or authoo billah”….lol! Seriously, I’ve seen some sisters that look mysterious and even sexy in niqabs and then they take off their veil and have yuck mouths.

So anyway, I got a lot of positive responses. Some in regards to my youthful apperance (I am a Senior Class Notable in my yearbook….BABY FACE and pretty much still look the same), my complexion, weight loss (over 30 lbs yall)and smile 🙂 Masha’Allah.

At dinner tonight I told my husband about it (and had to calm him down cuz he was freaking out over me exposing my beauty….rofl… on the Internet. I had to let him know that my FACEBOOK is private. He still doesn’t trust even my own mama or his sisters. He thinks they may show it to a man… a man who will never ever meet me in person and lives acroos the globe. I still had my hair covered I only showed my face…so from the opinion I follow that is permissable). I was joking saying that I should write a blog revealing my secret. He was like, ” I’ll tell you why you look so good:
1. You stay home (he said working women are worn out)
2. You don’t wear make up (he believes women who wear make up are commiting fraud, trying to cover ugly, and that make up detroys the skin)
3. You have a family (he said I should be grateful instead of complaining about not having a life because some people don’t have families and he believes that him and the kids eleviate my stress)”

So there you have it people. Those are my beauty tips accordng to Abu Adam. To think I was going to tell you guys my GHETTO BEAUTY SECRET….COCOA BUTTER! Yup, can’t live without it! I can’t find the 100% pure stuff on a stick they have in the hood but I use Palmers Cocoa Butter on my face. I have a friend that makes soap and lately I have been usng her all natural CAMEL MILK soap on my face and it has added the creaminess factor that I was missng to make my complexion more supple. I saw her today (because I left my soap in the bathtub soap dish by mistake instead of my secret DO NOT TOUCH department and the kids left it in the tub and it dissolved)and got excited to see that she had homemade Cocoa Butter soap, when I told her my Cocoa Butter Secret she said that she will make me some 100% pure Cocoa Butter for my face insha’Allah, so that I don’t have to use Palmers anymore.

That’s all flks. well not all I had a REALLY REALLY good day today walhamduillah and I took pics and videos but tha will have to wait until I get a better pc. My dh brought his laptop home but I do’t feel like recnfiguring it to work in the house. His office has one setting and the house another and it’s a royal pain…