Taken a ”Policy” out on a young black male relative

I just had this discussion last night with someone who called me from the States, to say that they didn’t think their young black male relative would survive in the Wild Wild West much longer. This person said, “I wonder if I should take an insurance policy out on him, I could take a $250,000 insurance policy out but I don’t know if I could enjoy the money if something were to happen to him.”

You know I use to hear this kind of talk all the time, coming from the South Side of Chicago. Sadly our statistics showed us that there is no need to invest in a college fund or a marriage fund or for that matter make any plans for the future of a young black man that did not include burying him or visiting him behind bars. Unfortunately, we would get a better return on our investments in young black men, if we purchased a ”policy”.

I haven’t had this kind of converstation in years, not since leaving the States. However, last nights conversation made me nostalgic. I instantly remembered those streets. All the faces of the young black men, whose funerals I attended, flashed before me. I was able to recall the young black men who were under my care that I mentioned in

My America: The Effects of Working With Natural Born Killers On An American Muslim Muhaajirah

I thought about my brother, who beat the odds and is still alive at 36 years old. I thought about my two slain cousins and also my cousin who served time for murder. I thought about my sister in law saying that if we lived somewhere safer (I live in virtually crime free Saudi Arabia) then they would come see us. I wonder if she would consider Chicago safer?

Today, I’m sad and can’t get that conversation out of my head. I feel like this young man is an hour glass and his time is running out. I’m also reminded, how this type of ”policy” is haram (not permissable) in Islam. This young man, could very well out live us all.

Oh well, let me get back to my family and my work (or playing on the computer as Adam says).