A while back I posted a series of youtube videos by Aqim Salatak. This is a Advertising campaign reminding  Muslims of the importance of the 5 daily prayers,  because they never know when they will die. Those videos featured young men. Aqim Salatak has followed up with a sequel featuring a young woman.

This video served as an excellent reminder for myself, because the example they give of a person being caught up on the Internet is one everyone reading this (because you are obviously on the Internet) should take heed of.

I also found it very interesting that car accidents were the cause of death in both the male and female versions. Everyone in Saudi knows that this is what makes the videos so effective, because car accidents are rampant here and almost every Saudi I know has lost a love one in a car accident in Saudi. So the ad aid realistic and it serves a double purpose IMO. Not only should we be more mindful of our prayers (Muslims have 5 daily obligatory prayers which must be prayed on time and in the proper manner) but the ad also forefronts an awareness for car accidents.

May Allah preserve and protect us and keep us firm in our religion and faith…aameen!

Update: I just realized that the car the young woman is in is the car that hit the car the young men were in.