I almost went there. A little girl just came to my door. She barely speaks English and on top of that has a speech impediment and has trouble controlling her emotions. I’m use to her banging on my door with drama, but she got me worked up today. She was frantically telling me to come quick that my daughter needed my help and that some big boys had her in the bath tub! All this said stuttering broken English mixed with Arabic.

I FLEW out of the house. I’m screaming, where is she?! Where is she?! And running after the little girl on her bike. I’m making dua (supplicating) the entire time asking allah to watch over and protect them, explaining to Him even though He already knows, that I can’t be everywhere and I can’t always protect them but that he can as He is our guardian and protector and He sees and knows all things.

I’m saying to myself that they know better than to go in the empty units or other peoples homes without permission. I actually started to calm down a bit but was still in a hurry to see what the problem was.

I spot both of my girls in a sandbox with a Gang of Girls and 3 boys about 7-10 years old. The girls were screaming at the boys. My oldest daughter saw me and ran to me. My youngest daughter who was just sitting down saw me and started cryng as ALWAYS! Crying about how the girls were there first and the boys won’t leave! I was like alhamduillah nothing is wrong but don’t send your friend crying for help over something like this. She said she didn’t tell her friend to get me and I told her I was worried sick because she said that some boys were bothering her in the bathtub. She starts talking to her friend in Arabic and says to me,

Mommie, she didn’t say bath tub. She said BUS STOP. That we were near the BUS STOP!!!!!

and All The Praise Is To Allah 🙂