A faithful reader left the following comment

I can understand that. I can see where people that have come to read about my life, would miss reading my stories. I do plan on continuing telling my tales, but right now this is what is consuming my online time. My family that you all have come to learn and hopefully love is my main concern NOT entertaining readers. I am approaching 40 years old. I have only worked for 3 years in my entire adult life, and that was after completing my University studies. I live in a country where I have no benefits and I am from a country that does not recognize my marriage…so again no benefits. I am trying to give my family some financial security. If anything were to happen to my husband or he were unable to work – God forbid and may Allah protect and preserve him. I’m not sure how entertaining my blogs would be.

I also have a confession. I am disappointed in my so called faithful readers. I average 500 hits a day to my blog and more on the days that I post a new blog and more if the blog post is entertaining. It’s interesting that I amuse you, but disappointing that you do not take me serious. For over two years I have blogged about my life. I’m an honest person and you guys have never known me to be dishonest. Yet, when I announce a way that we can all benefit financially nobody is interested. The stats on the post about my business opportunities, condolences to mourning families, and non debatable religious topics are the lowest and to me that is a disappointment.

My blog was never intended to be a source of amusement and entertainment for anyone. Read the header…it’s a soliloquy. It’s me talking out loud. It’s an outlet for ME. It is a way I deal with what goes on day to day. It’s never been about the reader except for in the case of my religious post, condolences, and business opportunities. Those are the most beneficial blogs for the readers but those are the ones the readers show the least interest in.

So my readers are disappointed. When you start paying me to entertain you the way other entertainers are paid, then perhaps I can start writing more entertaining post full time. In the mean time I am working very hard and getting very little sleep trying to achieve financial freedom for my family.

And the Provisions are all from Allah Alone.