My Boys in a Basket

While the girls were in school, I took the boys out with me to run errands (Adam has practically dropped out of preschool after paying both me and my husband’s arm and leg to send him). Ray-Ray fell asleep and I wanted to make him comfortable, so I bought a pillow for him. Of course Adam then wanted one (so I had to buy one for the girls too) and he wanted to lay down in the cart with it. i begged him to walk because i told him that i had a lot of groceries to get. He insisted on getting in. By the time I was heading to the check out line, he ewas crying and begging for me to let him out. He was literally buried in groceries and I told him that he had to wait till it was my turn at the register so that I could unload the cart. It was so funny I had to take a pic and blog about it! I wish it had occurred to me before I removed most of the stuff.

Oh don’t even act like you never bought clothes from the supermarket!