I wrote this 4 days ago but when I logged in today I saw it was sitting in my drafts. Oops!

Ideally the kids would be SLEEP no later than 8pm on school nights. I have bedtime set for 7pm because if I actually had it set for 8pm (it’s 6 on the dot now and they are still not ready) they wouldn’t get in until 9pm. So tonight when I tell them to get ready for bed, my daughter informs me, “I have to geleb my kutub”. Yes, that is how my kids talk in Englabic – especially when it comes to school terms because they don’t always know the English word for it. So I am livid that she waits until bedtime to let me know that they wewre issued their new school books which all needed to be covered. Anybody with kids in Saudi schools know that they give out tons of books each semester so now they are up gelebing their kutubs…lol


So while the girls geleb their kutubs, I also have them practicing for their weekly spelling test. Well, I knew this day would come and what a better time for this to happen then when mom is going crazy because her new semester new rules aren’t working!


Yup that’s right, adam cut his hair! What kind of a fammily would we be if this did not happen. i was expecting this, only i thought he would cut his sisters hair. Instead he interrupts everything and says, “I cut my hair…you know like a hair cut!” I started feeling around his hair and sure nuff it started coming off in my hand and on the floor. well better him than the girls. My brother cut my hair twice. the first time I was in Kindegarten and was teased mercifulessly for the rest of the year and called, “Baldilocks” after my mom took me to the salon to have it trimmed into an afro!!!!!!!!!!!


And as if this was not enough bedtime drama, while I was forcing the kids to pose for my blog entry (it is not always easy because they want to turn and look and I have to tell them that it is for my blog and that I don’t want to show their face. Tonight my 6 1/2 year old says, “they are going to think we are weird or something”), the baby literally slipped away! Someone left the kitchen door open and as I called for him to get out of the garbage he turned around and slipped because SOMEBODY was obviously trying to refill their spilled bubble container with dish washing detergent and left a mess on the floor.

O.k gotta go put them in bed!