I hate it! However, tonight I was having alone time with my 6 1/2 year old daughter and I was telling her how much I enjoyed these little one on one times alone we get. I told her that I love how open and honest she is with me and that I want her to always be comfortable talking to me and that she can tell me anything and not to keep secrets from me. As much as I meant this, I still held my breath when she confided in me that her sister would threaten to tell everybody not to be her friend if she told on her. I told her that in cases like that she can come to me and tell me and I will not say that she told me.

Honestly, I hate tattling and I really want to try to differentiate between driving me crazy with every little petty thing and keeping an open and honest relationship with me and telling me the important things, like the time they both came to me to tell me that they accepted candy from a single male neighbor. My daughter has this expression like she is bursting to tell me something very srious but doesn’t know how to break it to me.

I brace myself and she begins slowly, while examing my face for a reaction:

Mommy, you know today when you said that we had to eat all of our vegetables and that we could not have a snack later,  if we did not eat everything? Well, [my 9 year old daughter] didn’t eat all of her maloukia and she put it in the garbage! [pauses and stares for dramactic effect]

I was thinking to myself, thank God that is it! But I thanked her for informing me of that, so that for now on I can properly monitor their meals. I pray to God that life is always this simple and I seek refuge in him from for the safety, protection, and well-being of my family. Allahumma aameen.