I know you guys are waiting for Umm Adam to take you on a royal tour of Saudi Arabia. Wrong blog! We don’t kick it like that. We do bedoghetto walima’s and have bedoghetto family fun! Don’t think we’d enjoy hanging out with the royals.

Today, we went to a spot that I just love, the concept of. It is a cheesy carnival type amusement park ideal for your typical bedouin family. Perfect for ours!



If you want to enjoy the out doors but with a little privacy.







If you want to make a whole day out of it, you can rent an istaraha for 200 Saudi Riyals from 10am-12midnight. This way you can take off your abaya, take a nap, breastfeed in private…whatever…just chill. Only in Saudi!



There are several trailers converted into musallahs (prayer areas) and I think an actual Masjid for the men.




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Plenty of indoor and outdoor things for the kiddies to do!


If you’re hungry and you didn’t come prepared like the larger bedouin families with their own grub, and you’re tired of the typical junk food from the vendors then you can have a nice meal at this restaurant.





They even have a little tape and book store here. There was an Arabic book in there with a veiled woman on the cover and the title in English meant “Virgin But…”. I’d love for that book to be translated into English, I can only imagine how it was written. Probably full of tales of girls gone wild – doing everything but…