So after two weeks of the combined Clean 9 and Lifestyle 30 program*, I’ve lost 20lbs – masha’Allah. I tell Abu Adam that insha’Allah this time next year I will be healthy and wealthy. He says, “and then you will dump me”. I try to reassure him that our marriage is stronger than me getting my body back and not needing him for financial support by giggling and saying, “come here” you know like how you say to your children when they aren’t feeling special.

Apparently , this was not enough reassurance because later that night he purchased a 2 month supply of the products and said that insha’Allah he will be the size he was 20 years ago when he was in the military and in tip top form….lol

I tell him that maybe I should be the worried one now and he tries to reassure me by saying, “you have nothing to worry about, there is no reason for me to dump you because I can have up to 4 wives”.

It is so on now!


*FLP Distributor 971000278666