A Gangsta Love Story


What had happened was…

My husband told me not to use our P.O Box but to have everything delivered to his job, that way it comes directly to him (he doesn’t feel like gong to the post ooffice). So my childhood friend Ms.Nikki (the longest friendship I’ve had. We have known each other since Kindergarten), sent me this book. When I read the caption “A Gangster Love Story” and my husband told me that it was already opened, I was mortified! He said that the man apologized and said that he thought it was for the department because his name was printed very small.

My husband said that he immediately said, “Oh this is for my wife her friend sent this”. That’s when I realized how comical it was. I imagine the man thinking, “Yeah, he is married to a nigress”. At first thinking that maybe my husband had a fascination with all things black and was studying thug life (nope wrong white guy…he is as Opie Cunningham as they get), later thinking that it was just the typical smut those people  read.

Or maybe he didn’t give it a second thought and I’m just tripping.

*Thank You Ms.Nikki. My sister is getting married in two weeks and I’m going gift shopping and to get my mother a dress to wear, send me your address so that I can send you an abayah and niqab (over garment and face veil a little taste of Saudi – God Willing.