Another Candy Bag

That’s right another candy bag! And yes Brooke, it was full of chocolate. A Kit Kat, Nutella, and cookie sticks to dip in cheap chocolate! I probably won’t have too many more pictures of Adam, because he was very reluctant to take this one. There was a photograher at their school today to take their blue day pctures (once a month a professor photographer and videographer comes to the school to to film them on the color of the month day or any other them and there’s always a theme. I’ve never purchased any of the pics or videos but I’m tempted to see if they have any more videos of my daughters kg graduation. I didn’t buy it cuz it was more like a darn musical!).



The girls had ‘open day’ today. I thought it would be every now and then but for the past month it’s been every Wednesday! The first time I thought I was being generuos and gave them each 20 Riyals. The second time I was like, take 10SR because all you bought was junk last time, this time they got 40 SR because they said everyone else was bringing at least 100SR. They go to school with some wealthy kids and though I’m trying to teach them values, I did not want them left out of all the fun. They both bought fish and my oldest daughter bought a gift for me, that blue nail kit. Adam took it outside and well…