This is something that the Muslim Ummah should consider. Particularly, those in the lands of the Muslims. You find just the opposite mentality here in Saudi, where certain deeds are deemed not befitting (beneath them) for a Saudi. When we first moved here my husband was informed that he should not wash his own car, it was beneath him and that the people would think that he was baaqeel (tight or cheap).

Ibn Shihâb reports:

‘Umar went out to Shâm (Transjordan) and Abû ‘Ubaydah b. Al-Jarrâh was with us. They came to a ford while ‘Umar was on his camel. He dismounted his camel, took off his leather socks, placed them on his shoulder and took the reins of his camel and began to go down the ford. Abû ‘Ubaydah said, “O Leader of the Believers! You are doing this?! You take off your leather socks, put them on your shoulder, take your camel’s reins and go down the ford?! I wouldn’t want the people of this land to see you in such a state!” ‘Umar said, “If only someone else had said this o Abû ‘Ubaydah. You have made a lesson for the Ummah of Muhammad – Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him! We were the lowliest of people but Allah gave us might and glory through Islam. If we seek glory through other than what Allah gave us glory through, He will abase us (again).”

In another version Abû ‘Ubaydah said:

O Leader of the Believers, should the armed forces and elite of Shâm meet you in this condition? ‘Umar replied, “We are a people whom Allah gave might and glory to through Islam, so we will never seek glory through anything else.”

Reported by Al-Hâkim, Al-Mustadrak Vol.1 pp61, 62. He declared it to be sahîh according to the criteria of Al-Bukhaârî and Muslim. Al-Dhahabî and Al-Albânî concur. See Al-Albânî, Al-Sahîhah Vol.1 p50.