Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while it’s snowing. -Phyllis Diller

Truer words have never been spoken. The tickler is that it only takes a moment – you got that people? Not a minute but a moment for the loves of your lives to completely reck havoc on your home.

Adam's Art

Adam made this little thing in school today. I thought it was cute and wanted to show my family and friends back home, so I took a picture.

Ray Ray Consuming Ilm

In the mean time Sugar Ray Ray had creeped on the scence and tore and started to eat my plastic spiral while I was taking the picture!image1963



Adam and his friend wanted in on the action and asked me to take pictures of them and their stuffed horse and camel.



While I momentarily diverted my attention away from Ray Ray – being the opportunist that he is, he decided to pull the books from the shelf (Brooke and Ummi y’all called it yesterday). I cleaned up the books , which isn’t as easy as it sounds because I am meticulous about the order of my books and I have a little system that only I understand when organizing the books. All of the sisters who knew me in Virginia knew that I had many more books than this and a tape rack full of Islamic lectures. Those days are over. I now have to box a lot of those things just to have some semblance of order around here…and the tapes forget it! Little fingers find ways to unravel those.





We moved to the family/play/tv/computer/junk room. I thought maybe the tv would distract Ray Ray – but he was on a mission! The girls are in from school and now they are out front playing outside so it’s just me and Ray Ray here nursing at the keyboard. Let me put him down for a second and pick up this mess.


I don’t know what I was thinking when I put him down. He is my accessory. Ask me what I’m wearing…Ray Ray. He woke up as soon as I put him down, so I just had a minute to pick everything back up but not to organize it properly. I kn0w I’m a glutton for pain…why bother? In 9 minutes the rest of the gain is due back home – insha’Allah.