I am not mad at anyone for being honest with me in the last post. I wish that this was known without having to be said. Those who know me personally would know this. I welcome CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

I asked because, not only with that brother’s comments towards me, but in general I have noticed a disturbing trend of double standards when it comes to adherent Muslims. It seems as though, when speaking of tolerance, liberals actually mean that they want everyone to tolerate them and their ideals. However, if you oppose them and have different views they don’t have to tolerate you or have to show you even the tiniest amount of respect.

There was another comment the brother made later (in reference to this same discussion), that was a prime example. He said,

EVERYONE, from all communities need to take a stand and silence the extremists. That will be the only way to end the bloodshed and misery in places like Gaza.

As a Muslim I feel a duty to speak against the extremists and remind the world that they do not speak for Islam, they dont speak for God, that these people speak only for themselves and the others who would twist their religions.

I found that to be EXTREMELY extreme, dangerous, and hypocritical. For one, he had just personally labeled me an extremist. Then to compare me with the crisis in Gaza! If anyone follows that blog they will know that I don’t personally attack nor do I condemn or call people to  my personal opinion. I do know how to get along with people who have different views. It’s not my way or the highway, but like he said that as a Muslim he feels it is a duty to speak out, so do I. The difference is that when I speak out I quote Islamic sources (Quran and Sunnah). Whereas, when he speaks out he mocks and ridicules those who quote Islamic sources. He accuses of us being unintelligent wanna be Arab idiots. He makes broad generalizations and lumps everybody in one boat. How fair is that? Who should this animosity really be to?

 He even told me once that all I do is cut and paste. If that is all I do than it seems to me that the problem that he has is not what I say, it’s with what Allah and His Messenger has said.

I did not ask your opinions because I was concerned about being an extremist. I’m pretty confident that I am not. I found interesting that many people related being strict or conservative with being extreme when they are totally different. It’s funny because I personally feel that I do fall somewhere in the middle and that I am the ‘Moderate’ Muslim. I get criticised by people much more conservative and sticker than I and I don’t consider them extreme, unless they have deviated in any way.

It’s also interesting that he and another male Muslim (well Saudi  have no idea what religion he claims to belong to)  commentator on that blog, who are in support of women’s rights and ‘liberating’ women – would choose to show such disrespect to me and another woman who was not the ‘Islam bashing’ women that they prefer to side with. Why the double standard? Why when a woman is passionate and vocal about her religion is she now seen as a threat? Are the only Muslim women who have rights, the ones who want to shed the veil as it was suggested? Who want to intermingle with men? Who would rather try and intellectualize the religion and call others to do what they want and still call it Islam? Who prefer to keep their Islamic identity between them and their Lord – leaving nothing – word, action. nor appearance as indicators of their faith?

Or maybe it’s OK to be tolerated if you are the  jilted and heartbroken, non-Muslim,  ex plaything of an Arab Muslim – who has decided to study Islam, Arab Culture, and Arabic –  out of vengeance, scorn, anger, and the desire crush Muslims/Islam as she was. Surely, this type of person has more right than the Muslim who wants to defend her faith out of love for her Lord, to insult and make derogatory comments about Muslims who clarify matters of their religion that their “dear friend” may have misconveyed. If that is the criteria I’m so glad that I’m not a part of such a wicked “little coven”.

I just found it all very eye opening. I was not hurt by his comments, because I’ve seen him rant and rave all over the Internet for years. I also recognized how he projected many of his characteristics on to those whom he views as extremist. It’s really quiet easy to psycho analyze this type of behavior (usually a cause of some deep seated hurt that man who – was created weak and emotional can not handle and instead of seeking refuge in Allah and trusting in Allah they think they are hiding their anger and displeasure in what Allah has decreed for them by hurling insults at the servants of Allah who call others to worship Him as He aught to be worshipped. Add that with some bipolar traits and voila!). It’s beyond childish – but he started it!

I will now – insha’Allah – go back to ignoring the haters, as I usually do (I normally stick to defending a position and don’t make it pesonal). However, some people were baiting and begging for attention. Thought I’d give them some fodder.