My babies are all sound asleep…shhhh…for now. I really should sleep when they sleep but I like to unwind. Why am I online literally covering my mouth and trying not to wake up anybody for laughing hysterically. If you are not from Chicago, you may not find this funny but Harold’s Chicken Shack has a wiki page and it is the most GHETTO wiki I have ever read. I LOVED IT! All while I was reading, I’m like I wonder if he’ll mention the Bullet Proof service windows….he did! Now I need to go google Obama’s 60 minute interview cuz they said that he mentioned his fondness for The Chicken King in an Interview. Wonder if they will have that at the inauguration with Italian Fiesta.

The basic Harold’s Chicken Shack dinner is a half or quarter chicken served with french fries, two pieces of white bread, and a cup of cole slaw. The chicken may be all white meat, all dark meat, or a mix (known as regular). Harold’s also sells wing dinners and gizzards, and some restaurants offer catfish, perch, and a number of side items including fried okra. The chicken can be served plain, but usually either hot or mild sauce is added. In Chicago-style fried chicken, the sauce is drizzled over the chicken and fries which results in the chicken skin softening as it soaks up the sauce. A common practice is to take the sauce soaked fries and place them between the bread. Chicagoans call this “making a fry sandwich”.

Some Harold’s restaurants are very informal, with take-away chicken served by employees standing behind a window of