The girls are getting ready for school. Here is this morning’s talk:

DD #1: your teacher is sooo mean, she screams at me whenever YOU do something wrong. Don’t fall asleep in class today.

DD #2: I KNOW! *Awwal Jeem’s teacher is sooo nice. She gives them lollypops. All you have to do is go to the teacher and say, “May I have a lollypop” and she gives you one. But not *Awwal Ba’s teacher, she’s sooo mean!

DD#1: You should transfer to awwal jeem.

* Saf Awwal is First grade, they have 4 1st grade classes and she is in awwal ba (class b)

In other exciting news.


Suger Ray Ray took his first unassisted steps last night (11months) – masha’Allah – and I MISSED IT ! So the girls are running late for school trying to reenact it for me.



This would have made a much better video, because he kept getting excited and clapping his hands, turning to look at me to see if I can see his accomplishments, and falling down. He’s not 100% yet but it’s a milestone – masha’Allah.