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Brother Daud’s recent comment about images on my blog got me to thinking. Do you remember doing something as a child because your friend did it or because everyone else did it – then being chastised by your parent and asked the rhectorical question, “if your friend jumpped off a bridge would you?”

I’m sure parents thought that that was a deep question that would leave their child pondering the influences of peer pressure, but in reality…’ummm yeah sure why not – could be fun’ people do it all the time from bungy jumping to suicide packs.

So the truth of the matter is, that when I first came to Islam and read that pictures were haram, I cut them out of my life. I destroyed prescious photos and did not take any pictures of my first two children other than for I.D purposes. Once we moved to Saudi, I got a web cam after reading a fatwa that it was permissable to use to keep in touch with relatives. Then the school started taking pictures of the children, then people I knew that use to be strictly no images started emailing me pics of their families ,then I started seeing videos and still Images of the scholars who gave the fatwas against images and this was inline with what I desired anyway so it was easy for me to say, “well there is a difference of opinion”.

If this were a clear cut haram, such as drinking alcohol or fornication then I would not play around with it. I purposely avoided buying cameras for years so that I would not be tempted to take pictures. Then when Saudi lifted the ban on Cell Phones with cameras (even though everyone had them and they were openly sold I refused to get one because I’m not a law breaker and this was supposed to be the law) I bought one (and before I bought one my most image conscious friends already had theirs and were happily snapping away and showing off pictures and I was the one still in shock that they were doing this – it wasn’t really the images that I was most shocked about but these were the same people promoting the fatwas about obeying the rulers, i.e haram to make intentions for hijrah in Saudi).

So every now and then I will take pictures of my children to send to family and friends. However, on my blog I try to avoid direct face shots simply to give us a semi sense of privacy. I’m sorry to say it is not out of religious convictions. I know a lot of people will frown on me for saying this. Honestly, even the one person I knew in the past who was uber image conscious and who reprimanded me for having Mrs. Buttersworth Syrup (a statue), admitted to watching DVDs. I’m not saying that it is right to tow the line in any way, but it does have some influence on ones decisions.

Which is something else one should consider before making hijrah. There were many things that American converts practiced or didn’t practice in America but became lax on after making hijrah because surprisingly in the Muslim world it’s a non issue. Again, doesn’t make it right. I’m just an open person – and no I do not consider this exposing my sins because to be honest I don’t view photoghaphs as haram – and I admit that that has been influenced by the actions of the people – right or wrong.

May Allah accept our good deeds, forgive us for breaching His rights, our transgressions and wrong doings.

May He help us to become better Muslims and better human beings.

May He Make us among those who listen to the advise and the guidance of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and benefit from his teachings and his Sunnah.

Allahuma aameen!