I think children are fascinating little things. Take my Adam for example, it always amazes me how he has a split personality. He is generally a very good boy – masha’Allah. However, he does let his guard down with me and at home.

Last week when picking him up from the bus stop, all of the kids happily bounced off the bus with bright smiles and excited to see their awaiting mothers. Adam slowly walked off the bus with his head down and a look of concern on his face. When he approached me, he stuck out his finger and with a look of shame whispered, “here Mommy…it’s a booger” and handed me this dried up bloody booger. Any other kid would have wiped that booger on the seat or something, but not Mommy’s good boy. He’s like that – so considerate – masha’Allah. I told him to just hold on to his little booger until we got home and then I would clean it all up.

Adam At Home

Tonight, we are all layng in the bed going to sleep (yes ALL OF US! I finally got the girls in their room and wouldn’t you know it now my baby rolls and crawls and falls out the bed every chance he gets and so now I’ve decided to put them all to bed on the floor in the girls room) and Adam’s ‘at home with my loving Mommy’ personality comes out. After we recite Quran and make our dua, he looks over at me while I’m nursing the baby to sleep and says, “Mommy can I put a booger in Ray Ray’s hair?” Of course I tell him he can not. I had no idea the question was posed in hindsight and he said, “Okay, let me get it out of his hair” and proceeded to remove his little booger from his baby brothers hair.

What happened to my considerate son?

Adam's First Day  of School

He does the same thing wth his school bag. His teacher tells me how proud she is of him because he always keeps his station clean and never moves to the next activity center until he puts everything properly away. Yet he walks in the door of the house and drops everything at the entry. Of course my husband dotes about this. He thinks that our children feel loved and secure and this is why they are slobs more comfortable expressing themselves with us. I’m sure there is some truth in that. 

Yup my little critters – masha’Allah. 

*He totally built that animal parking lot all by himself and as soon as I pulled out my camera this other kid came along messing up stuff!