I don’t know if I should laugh or be concerned – so I blog.

I give my girls lunch money once a week. The rst of the week I pack them healthful and nutritious lunches. It hasn’t always been like that. In the past, I’ve alternated between giving them lunch money and packing a typical lunch of a sandwich (white buns/pita bread with Labnah and zatar or PB&J on wheat), chips, and a juice or drink box). If I sent money they bought either cheese, labnah, or zatar sandwiches, chips, drink boxes and CANDY! This school year I decided that I could not take them eating like that anymore and that they were old enough for nuts not to be a choking hazzard wa nauthoo billahi min thaliq. I now send them hamburgers or chicken burgers, raisins & nuts, applesauce, and juice and milk boxes (they have two snack breaks).

Last week my oldest daughter asked for lunch money and I told her no. I knew that she would have bought a bunch of junk with it. Despite the school policy of no junk food allowed, they sale JUNK to the children! My daughter inherited my sweet tooth and would see the candy and buy that first. Not to mention the sandwiches are really some thick white bread with very little filler and the drinks are  colored suger water.

The same day by daughter comes home and informs me that she owes Teacher Gadaa 2 Saudi Riyals. Poor thing didn’t even know she did something wrong and informed me like it was OK. Did she think i was Boo Boo The Fool?

Well, I had a word or two for her! She said that,’what had happened was’ that she gave her lunch away and was hungry and asked Teacher Gadaa if she could borrow the money. I was livid. I had to think quick!

[No I didn’t spank her…would you have? We don’t spank…does poping upside the back of the head count?]

What was I to do? She could not get away with this. If I gave her the money then surely, I was going to get played the rest of my life. I told her that the reason I didn’t give her money was not that I didn’t have it (this time) but because I wanted to ensure that they were eating properly and that she is not to borrow money from anyone to buy lunch when I have packed her a good lunch. Be that as it may, she was going to have to get a job to pay that teacher back, because she was not forcing me to do so.






That was last week. Life goes on and well I cant remember every little incident that happens around here. I for get whose in time out and how long they’ve been in it. Often I discover they are in time out when I call them all and one is missing and I discover that they fell asleep in time out.

So this morning, as I get them ready for school, I remember that my daughter owes the teacher money and I ask her about it (thinking I could get her to babysit or something for me so I can blog…lol). She looks up at me with those big beautiful innocent eyes and with the most precious and loving smile says, “[Her sister’s name]friend gave her 5 SR and so she gave me 3 SR and I gave Teacher Gadaa 2 SR and kept 1 SR for myself.”

I kid you not, I just looked at her and turned around and wrote this entry. WHAT THE…?! This is like crazy on so many levels. I am not good at disciplining, because half of the time I’m too busy trying to keep a straight face.