and a Karate Mom

and a Fencing Mom


Praise Be To Allah! I have been searching for years for physical activities for my girls and I can not tell you how happy I am to have found them. For 5 years I lived among very conservative Saudis in an isolated location, so there was nothing available – masha’Allah. This move near the big city was good for us in so many ways – alhamduillah.

I have loved gymnastics since I was a girl and wanted to live vicariously through my daughters. I have finally found a gymnastics class for them, but of course there is music being played. My husband told me to send them with ear plugs! For one, they would take them out. Two, they wouldn’t be able to hear the teacher. I’m hoping that I can ge a group of girls togther and see if the teacher has the time to teach a music free class. She’s very busy so we will see.

I’m also pleased because the fening teacher’s wife was a competitive swimmer and has offered to train my oldest daughter. Masha’Allah, I have a friend who use to swim with her and she said that my daughter is like a mermaid. She has been swiming since she was two years old and has nevered feared the water. I’m hoping this new trainer can take her to another level.

Well all these activities on top of regular mommy duties, means that I am  one tired mommy! I love it though and am so happy for my kids – masha’Allah.