Now that the weekend is over, I can come back to the Blogosphere, insha’Allah. we had a very busy and pleaasant weekend – masha’Allah. Full of activities and I thank Allah for that because I have been looking for years for physical activities for the girls. It is now Friday night and the family is fast asleep. I should be too, but some of you act like you can’t live without an update from me and may email me out of concern 🙂

Since I am uber tired and am about to fall to sleep on the keyboard, I’ll number this post to make sure my thoughts are in place.

1. How y’all like the new look of my blog? I’m not turning it to an ‘Islamic’ blog. It will still be a personal bog. However, since Islam is not just a religion but a way of life and places a major role in everything I do, I decided to put pages up that cover things everyone should know about Islam. Please read them. I will punish you guys from time to time and withhold all the juicy details of my personal life and force you to read Islamic articles. Some I will write, most will just have a little commentary from me and some graphics to drive the point home, insha’Allah.

2. I put my children on their first official punishment this week. It was hard but they needed it. I finally found them some extra curriculum activities to do and I told them that in order to do it they had to first do what had to be done in order to do the extras. Well they were so excited about the extras that they could not focus. They went into ADHD mode and got nothing done. I felt really bad about it because I was just as excited as they were and was looking forward to it, but I had to cancel the activity. They are now semi perfect Angels – masha’Allah.

3. I had a ladies night out tonight. No children! Not even the babies. The sisters and I went out to dinner. It was just what I needed to end this weekend and to start the new week. I feel renewed – masha’Allah.

4. My house is a mess. It’s the maids weekend off and she was supoosed to come back tonight but she called to ask if she could come tomorrow. My original plan was to have the house spotless when she came back. I don’t want her to think I can’t live without her, that’s when they will start asking for pay raises. truth is it is very dificult for me to do it all. My dishes from this morning are still in the sick and I know I should be in there washing them and not on here – but I am drained and I just want to relax right now. Not to mention it’s not possible to nurse while cleaning  but I can sit here and blog 🙂


5. My jawwal (cell phone) is finally being repaired. Look forward to seeing more stuff from my eyes (lens) – insha’Allah.


Okay, that’s all folks.