. . “Indeed, there has come to you from Allah a light and a plain Book. Wherewith Allah guides all those who seek His good pleasure, and He brings them out of darkness by His Will and brings them unto light and guides them to a Straight Way. (Surah 5:15-16)

Holly posted a very thought provoking Introduction to her upcoming ‘Who is Jesus? ‘ post. I am very surprised and impressed with the amount of thought, study and future research she has dedicated to this project. She listed all of the resources she is studying. I did not want to comment on the introduction post – I’m saving my comments for the actual conversation.

However, she quoted something that  I found to be very conflicting and contradicting concerning the bible. This is one reason I did not want to leave a  comment on her blog, because the focus of her conversation will be on ‘Who Is Jesus’ not the authenticity of the bible. The red highlight is from me.

We believe that God has worked throughout history to preserve His Word.  Although there are indeed many translations and manuscripts – they all have incredible unity considering the fact that God divinely inspired 40 writers over 1,500 years of time!

Consider this:

God does not leave us with just claims of His divine handiwork in the Bible, but also supports it with compelling evidence. The design of the Bible itself is a miracle. Written over more than 1,500 years by vastly different writers, yet every book in the Bible is consistent in its message. These 66 books talk about history, prophecy, poetry, and theology. Despite their complexity, differences in writing styles and vast time periods, the books of the Bible agree miraculously well in theme, facts and cross-referencing. No human beings could have planned such an intricate combination of books over a 1,500-year time span. Bible manuscripts (remember, there were no printing presses until 1455) have survived despite weather, persecution and time. Most ancient writings written on weak materials like papyrus have vanished all together. Yet many copies of the Old Testament scriptures survived. For instance, the Dead Sea Scrolls contain all books of the Old Testament, except Esther, and have been dated to before the time of Christ. Consider Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Only ten copies written about 1,000 years after the event are in existence. In comparison, there are over 24,000+ New Testament manuscripts, the earliest one dating to within 24 years after Christ.

The Bible also validates its divine authorship through fulfilled prophecies. An astonishing 668 prophecies have been fulfilled and none have ever been proven false (three are unconfirmed). An honest study of biblical prophecy will compellingly show the divine authorship of the Bible. Further, archeology confirms (or in some cases supports) accounts in the biblical record. No other holy book comes close to the Bible in the amount of evidence supporting its divine authorship. (from Who Wrote the Bible?)

Incredulous!  An honest study of the Bible will show that the Bible is riddled with corruption and inaccuracies. It is well known that man has edited the bible everytime it’s revised. No two bibles are identical, it depends who’s doing the editing, and which denomination he belongs to. The many denominations of Christianity do not agree on the canon (the list of books accepted by the church as authoritative or divinely inspired) of the Christian Bible. Some of these books are not universally accepted. There is no such thing as one Bible. Catholics have extra books in their version which non-catholics reject, but the Catholics claim to be carrying the words of God and vice versa. The number of books in the Bible depends upon the Church one is following:

Protestant Church (66 books)

Roman Catholic Church (73 books)

While there are many bibles , there is only ONE Quran. This itself is a miracle. Allah savegaurded the Quran from tamperings, which the bible has suffered from. The Bible is a collection of writings produced at different points in history and authored by different writers. Never did God inspire the authors of books that belittles Him.

My question to all 2 billion Christians is, WHAT DID GOD REALLY SAY? I am not talking about those books which were written by Paul, Peter, Matthew, Luke and Mark  – who were  not around to have Jesus repeat the direct words of God to them so that they could memorise it and teach others. BRING THE WORD OF GOD not WORDS ‘INSPIRED’ BY MEN. This will be impossible because I’m sure we are all in agreement that the words revealed from God to Jesus were never recorded, so even the manuscripts that we have are not manuscripts of the word of God but by your own admissions by men who claim to have been inspired by God. What makes those men even trustworthy? What makes their claims of ‘divinely inspired’ any different from any other person who feels inspired to write about God?


“Do they not consider the Qur’an? Had it been from other then Allah surely they would have found much discrepancies within it” (Surah An-Nisa 4:82)

Say: “O people of the Scripture! Do you criticize us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah, and in (the revelation) which has been sent down to us and in that which has been sent down before (us), and that most of you are disobedient?” [Ma’idah:59]

Say: “O people of the Scripture! Why do you reject the verses of Allah while Allah is Witness to what you do?” [Aali-Imraan:98]

Say “O people of the Scripture! You have nothing until you act according to the Torah, the Gospel, and what has been sent down to you from your Lord (the Quran).” [Ma’idah:68]