My precious big girl (8 years old) just came in from school really disturbed at the behavior of one of her school mates. She said, “Mommy I’m about to call xxxx and tell her how evil it is to whisper to everyone not to be friends with people. She is spreading her evil and even making her sweet sister like her. Her sister is such a good girl. She makes people feel good when they feel bad but now she is learning to act evil like her sister. Not only is she making people not like others but she is backbiting them.” She then picks up the phone, dials the number and says, “I’m going to call her right here in front of you so that you can hear everything!”

I am not self-righteous and neither is my daughter. However, Allah has given us both good hearts and we both have a difficult time witnessing wrongdoings. It breaks our hearts.

I was actually about to write another post but my daughters just came in and now we are off to get the baby’s shots – insha’Allah.