I don’t do vaccinations. Don’t get me wrong, my kids get their shots but after my first daughter I stopped taking them. This is something I let the father do. At one point we would go together but my husband would insist that I keep the baby’s ‘bottle’ (me) on standby and to immediately make my self available for the child that he thinks is now tramitized. I did this for my first daughter. It worked like a charm (just an expression Ya Muslimeen/Muslimoon…dh is trying to teach me the Arabic Grammar and I still don’t get it cuz I don’t get English grammar. He said the een or the oon depends on if it’s the object…I could just say Muslim and leave it at that but I am a complex person…lol).

Since then I have realized that my children are perfectly content just being picked up – masha’Allah. Now of course if it is me doing the picking upping then the baby will naturally want to have comfort nursing. This is my husband’s point – he thinks that for the first two years of his children’s life – that nursing on demand is not only for their nutritional needs but emotional and psychological as well (what would Freud have to say about this?).

My second child was born in Bahrain and we came to Saudi when she was two weeks old – so her immunizations were all done here. Even though I was always discreet nursing in public – in America – I’m just not comfortable public breastfeeding here. Even though the baby would be under my abaya – it’s too much work – that’s why I basically stay home.

So to make a short story unnecessarily long…I don’t take them anymore. As a result my baby is behind on his shots and dh call me today, “I have good news I fixed your car. I’m going to come home during my lunch break.” Alhamduillah, that’s nice he fixed the car and will come home. We really miss him cuz he usually leaves the house for fajr prayer (5:30am) and doesn’t come back into we have gone to bed at night (7pm). He continues with, “I have a lot of work to do that I can do in my office but will come home to spend some time with you and then you can take the kids and the maid with you to the clinic so the baby can get his shots.” Don’t feel sorry for him, it’s not all work and no play.

I didn’t say anything on the phone cuz I was smiling at how he was being slick. When he came home I tried to weasel out of it, but he’s not letting me get out of this. I’m like, “it’s so much easier and faster if you just take the baby than for me to load 4 kids and a maid in the car!” He’s like, “you want me to lose my job?” Can’t argue with that. He out manipulated me!