My 3 year old son came in from school this afternoon and handed me an envelope. In the envelope was a sheet of paper with something typed in all Arabic. There were no instructions or anything on it. My son assumes that everything in Arabic is Quran and told me that is what it was. I may not know Arabic well but I knew it wasn’t Quran. From my extremely limited understanding of al lughatul al Arabiyyah – I have concluded that this is a nasheed. The school anthem to be precise. More precisely the nursery school anthem. I can’t (refuse to) type in Arabic, so here is a transliteration of what was on the paper:

Rawdhati Rawdhat Atfal Al Jamea
Nahu fiha Zohoor
Nahnu Fiha Munathmoon
Nahnu Fiha Muhathboon
Rawdhati Rawdhat Atfal Al Jamea
Nahnu Fiha Quloob
Nahnu Fiha Mutafaweqoon
Nahnu Fiha Mutamyzoon
Rawdhati Rawdhat Atfal Al Jamea

Can somebody please give me a translation. I get the gist of it but I am not sure of some of the ‘Mu’ words except for Mutafaweqoon, which I take means “The Successful people”. Nahnu Fiha Mutafaweqoon, We in here (the nursery) are successful (?). Well that’s my guess 🙂

Wait, my daughter is home from school now. She just showed me a sheet that her school handed out today, similar but a full page. It is indeed the school anthem. Her’s is different. I wonder what’s going on that the schools are handing out their anthems today.

She just read Adam’s anthem and gave me a rough (8 year old version)translation. She said Munathmoon means they are neat and clean (in school). Muhathboon means they are obedient, sit still, and pay attention (in school). Mutamyzoon means that they are really good…amazing (in school). How accurate was she?

I still would appreciate it if someone could give me a complete translation. like I said, I get the gist of it…

So I guess I’m suppose to help him memorize this! Believe it or not I think I know the beat/tune because most of the nasheed pretty much carry the same tune. Now I hope I pronounce the words right!