There are very few black bloggers from Chicago, so when I want a little taste of Chicago (Chicagoans have ‘the gift of gab’ like nobody else) then I stop by Sistah Toldja’s blog. The girl had me in stiches today, because she blogged about somethng that I’ve thought about. I am reminded of the  Clinton and Monica scandal and I often wonder how she would prevent something similar from happening. No female interns? However, Sister Toldja told it like it is. She thinks a special cabinet position should be created to keep potential predators at bay.

So we need someone, preferably a sister (’cause only a sister can truly understand the need to keep this man loyal), to stand guard and make sure that no woman can penetrate what our real-life Huxtables have created. She will enforce strict regulations regarding the hiring of all White House staff- no floozies, jezebels and harlots. Lesbians and women over 50 will get special consideration. No White women will be allowed to work around the President unless there are three people present in the room. It’s not that White women have a stronger predilection towards whoring or that they would be more tempting to Barack than Black woman; it’s just that this marriage does not mean as much to them as it does to us. They might just see it as any old affair, not the death of my a lot of Black girls’ hopes and dreams. Furthermore, I can pretty much assure you that I would kill myself if Obama cheated on Michele with a White woman.

The Secretary will also insure that no woman is left with Barack alone for an inappropriate amount of time (over 60 seconds). She will also stand by his side at all events where members of the public, notables and celebrities will have the opportunity to interface with the President.

Now, this Sister Secretary cannot work alone. Sluts are sneaky, and if she takes a long bathroom trip or grabs a cup of coffee, some trick may be undoing all her hard work and taking down the castle. Therefore, she will need a sister army who are ready and willing to put a bullet in a bitch’s back before she lets her bag Barack.

I’m not so sure about having a woman fill this position.  Let a whole army of ‘sisters’ – they would be the first to back stab Michelle. Wait! I have an idea…since it is rumored that Michelle’s mother is coming to the white house…why not give the position to her? You know she will have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. Now that would be something – The Frst Mother In Law holding it down. Yup, she’s the best canidate for the job.