cough – next door to the – cough – President Elect – cough – Barack -cough – Obama -cough


Go head, get yo swirl on and rotate the direction device to check out my street. The side entrance on Crandon Street is the building Obama lived in. The 67th Street entrance with the Canopy out front was my building. Two different buildings but they look a like and are semi-attached.

That’s my Grammer School. It sure has changed a lot. When I started there in Kindergarten, there was this prostitute hang out Motel directly across the street…Pimps and all. They tore it down and made it a park connected to Rainbow beach. Look like they expanded the park.

O.K – Now this is just too much! Subhanallah! This is my grandparents house. My grandfather died when I was in 7th grade and my grandmother died when I was 16 years old. Nobody paid the taxes on it after they died and it was taken and sold for almost nothing. To this day, my most emotional dreams are the dreams I have at grandma’s house. They seem so real and I am so happy and then I wake up..

This is my High school. It’s in the ghetto. I was bused…lol! Scroll to look across the street. You can actually see real people. What caught my attention was the SNOW CONE Stand! I’ve been telling my kids all about the ‘Candy Lady’ and other ghetto staples of life.