Thanks to wordpress’s new QUICKPRESS I can now blog every thought that enters my mind. Kind of like your FACEBOOK Status.

Today, is Thursday. This is The Saudi equivalant of Saturday. It’s my husband’s day off, but his job duped them to work today – to make up for one of the days they got off for Eid. He came home for lunch and then dropped me and the kids off at the mall with a certain amount of money and the warning, “remember only get what you NEED until payday. This has to last us until payday.” There really was no need for him to tell me this, because I budget much stricter than he does and money last a lot longer when he just hands it ALL over to me.

The kids and I were to hang out there until he got off from work, pray at the masjid, and then pick us up. First we ate. I was excited because they opened a new Mexican restaurant in the mall. Food Court Mexican is not the same. I would have rather had Taco Bell!

*A little girl I see in the mornings at the bus stop just knocked on my door with a HUGE plate of food and said with the cutest little accent , “this for you.” Alhamduillah for good neighbors. I’ve never even formally met her mom and only once passed her and gave salaams*

After the kids and I ate, I took Adam for a haircut, took the kids to the indoor amusement park, and then ordered my husband some food from a new RIB SHACK with his first name as the name of the restaurant. I wanted to surprise him because it surprised us to find a Rib Shack in Saudi with a semi-Irish name started by “A big white guy from Geogia” according to an employee. After that we went to Carrefoure to “get only what we need until payday”. Problem was I was already halfway out of my money (Oh yeah I forgot the kids and I had dessert at the Cheesecake Factory) – masha’Allah. As soom as we got in the store Adam filled his little hands with cartoon DVDs. We then had to by school supplies, the baby needed a coat, and I had a list of things that we need…like food. My husband called to say he was there and to come on because he was invited out (as usual). We got to the registar and I put back all but two of Adam’s DVDs and told my daughter to put back the clothes she picked out, I got laundry detergent and fabric softer. A new shipment of English Educational resources had arrived and there was a lot of quality stuff to choose from but I only had enough for one.

I knew it was no way I could ask my husband for more money, because I hadn’t even got the stuff we needed (like food and toilet paper which is what I came for), but I really wanted those educational supplies – they were really good. So on the escalator I devised a plan. I know how my husband thinks so when we got to the car I said, ” I think those Filipinos that work in the store must put the word out to other Filipinos when all the good stuff comes in.” He asked why did I think that and said that he noticed a lot of Filipinos going in the store. So I said, “because a new shipment of some high quality English Educational supplies just came in and they are buying them all up.” He asked if it was good English or the crappy stuff and if I got any. I told him it was great but that I didn’t have enough money and will come back on payday to see if they still had more. He reached in his wallet and said, “if you wait until payday it will all me gone…hurry up and get in there and buy it!”

I knew that would be exactly what he would say! In all fairness and in my husband’s words, “it was an investment”. All four kids can us it and it was worth it. So we’ll skip a few meals….lol

**I can’t believe him! How embarrassing, he just called to ask me if I feel like meeting his friend’s family. I asked where. He said they were with him near our house and he could bring them over. I asked did the friend know he was asking me. He said that he was standing right next to him. I said I’m sorry but the maid has this weekend off, I’ve been out with the kids, I’m breastfeeding while blogging and haven’t had a chance to clean up, the refridgerator is empty and I have nothing to serve the guest. He said, “so what do you want me to tell them?” I’m like you tell them that. Honestly, if they were not Saudi I wouldn’t mind. But Saudis have spotless houses. They don’t even looked lived in. They are like 2 minutes away and it would have been no way I could have made the house and myself presentable at a moments notice.**

***And this was supposed to be a QUICKPRESS post***