Aliyah Says:
December 11, 2008 at 4:58 pm e

Assalaamu alaykum!

When I began to research Islam (initially by ‘googling’, lol), I was immediately drawn to its simplicity. I do not consider myself stupid (Allah willing), nor do I have an Einstein-ish super intelligence, rather I think I am like most other people: just average. But, one thing I do have (all praise is due to Allah, it is not my own doing) is the ability to reflect upon things, to think about and be receptive to new ideas.

I did study a branch of Christianity (one that believed that Jesus peace be upon him is the son, but not God incarnate- not that either concept is true) prior to my accepting Islam. This Christian ideology really was very confusing, plus intrinsically I could never accept Jesus (peace be upon him) was the son of the Creator, no matter how hard I sincerely tried. I thought, this is confusing, is he a ‘half-god’ or ‘demi-god’, like the mythical Hercules? Is he a god but just a down-sized or smaller version with less ‘powers’? It just didn’t sound believable and trust me, I tried very hard to be convinced as I had married into a family of staunch Christians, so I had family cohesion and harmony riding on my ‘believing’. I really wanted to convert to their religion but I was determined not to do so just to ‘fit in’, I wanted to be truly convinced. It had to be from the heart. As a Muslim, it is much easier to believe that Jesus is a Prophet, and not some sort of god-like being or the Creator’s son. Really, if any people were going to be relatives of the Creator wouldn’t that be either Adam or Eve? To me that was far more logical given that they were the first people created. Maybe I am just a lazy girl and take the easy way out, go with simple and clear not something that makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall trying to work it out.

Also, I was frustrated that there were so many different translations of the bible – where was the original?, I even thought ‘Do I have to go study Hebrew and Aramaic to get to the bottom of this?!’- As a Muslim I am studying Arabic, and the Qur’an is the same whether you take one from China, South America or the Arabian Peninsula, and it is easily accessible, not locked away only for scholars. I queried why were some books/verses omitted from some versions of the bible and some had words added (supposedly to make the reader ‘understand’ better)? Which bible should I trust, and WHY WAS THIS SO DIFFICULT!?! I was sincerely seeking the answer to which religion was the truth, though, what I was really thinking ‘what form of Christianity’ was the truth because I didn’t consider any other religion at that point in time. I was aching from my heart to know which way was the right path to worship the Creator, somehow I knew it had to be His way, not the way we want it to be. Although I had been taught (incorrectly) by these nice people to put prayers through Jesus’ (peace be upon him) name, I decided to make one prayer without it. Yes, that’s another thing that just didn’t make sense too, that only prayers through Jesus’ name peace be upon him would be accepted so I thought, why not try it, what can it hurt? The worst that going to happen is my prayer will not be accepted, right? I made my prayer standing one day in my bedroom, facing the corner where the wall met the cupboard. Then I felt the greater need to be ‘closer’ to the Creator so I got onto my knees with my lower legs tucked under me (just like tashahud), that still wasn’t humble and small enough for me so I put my hands and forehead on the ground and cried out softly to the Creator to, ‘Please lead me to whatever is the truth, even if it is humiliating and embarrassing (like dancing and chanting in the street like hari khrisnas do or knocking door to door like JWs do) [yes I really said that to Him], I don’t care just so long as I end the search; I just want to worship You in the right way’. A few days later, I searched ‘religion’ on the internet and came across a wikipedia article. By now I had opened my mind to accept that there were other religions to consider, not just Christianity but I thought that the Creator (obviously I was only interested in monotheistic religions, as I believed in only one Creator who stood alone, not one of many, or one of three or two) would not choose some obscure religion that no one had heard about, because He is Merciful and would want as many people as possible to know, so they could make the choice to worship him. I had tried the Judaism route when a teenager (as my father is technically a Jew) and was rejected. Bahai’ism just seemed like a compilation of many religions together (sounded man-made and ‘one-world’-ish). Then I came across Islam further down in the article and found that a great number of people in the world are Muslims. I thought, ‘Yeah, right, Islam, lol!’ but thought it was worth checking out if only due to it being monotheistic and having a large number of followers. I never considered Islam before due to ignorance about its principles, I mean I didn’t even know Muslims believe in only one God, that they believe in all the Prophets, they believe in Adam and Eve (peace be upon them) and Jesus – at the time, I even thought they hated Jesus (peace be upon him) – I don’t even know where I got that idea! I was thinking, ‘Isn’t that the religion where women are oppressed, beaten, and they worship that black box? Isn’t that the religion that terrorists belong to?’ Well, of course I found those things were not true, that is, women are not oppressed or beaten, Muslims do not worship the black box or think Allah is ‘inside’ it and terrorism is not a part of Islam. When I saw how much further falsehood is spread about such a simple and beautiful religion and how it is undoubtedly clear that Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is a true Prophet of Allah (fulfilled criteria of being a prophet), I wondered why? Why such a slander campaign against Islam? There’s not such a slander campaign against atheism or even any other single religion, so there must be a hidden agenda to try to dissuade people….?

Coming to know and study Islam fully convinced me that it is from the Creator, it is so simple and easy to understand (such as Umm Adam has easily demonstrated, may Allah bless her), yet at the same time, provides all the answers, there is nothing ‘sticky’ to try to get one’s head around (such as the trinity). And the Qur’an, unlike the bible does not have any contradictions or other such errors. We must have faith to believe in a Creator at all, that is our test, but I believe we shouldn’t just have faith in complicated man-made sub-ideologies (trinity) that can’t be explained properly and convincingly and that aren’t even mentioned in any bible.

After I had a strong inkling that Islam might be the truth I set out to prove that it was not, just little tests and such. I was perplexed as to why Islam was right under my nose my whole life and I never considered it as a religion worth investigating further.

I know from my sincerity and from my asking the Creator to lead me to the truth- *that* is faith – He would not just leave me to flounder and that He would answer my prayers. I didn’t even know any Muslims, so I had no one pushing me, actually, quite the opposite, even when I finally met some Muslims, they weren’t very enthusiastic to explain Islam of their own volition, I had to drag some explanations out of them. And I guess I wanted ‘Christianity’ to be the truth, if only because I had invested so much time and effort into study and due to family reasons (my sister also converted to Christianity by this time too).

The more I continue to learn about Islam, the more I am convinced of its Divine origins. The pieces of the puzzle just fit perfectly together. Nothing in Islam ever contradicts, quite the contrary, (my) faith is reinforced by further understanding. You know, many a Christian/missionary has started to try ‘save’ a (heathen) Muslim and actually ended up being converted to Islam. It’s very difficult to convert Muslims to other faiths, no one wants to jump from clear water into murky. I had the choice to accept Christianity, but I just wasn’t sold after a whole year of weekly study. It only took a month or two of light reading about Islam to know how clear and unadulterated the message was.

Sorry for the rambling I didn’t pop in to respond to anyone or to have questions asked of me. I just wanted to share my story. As a Muslim I enjoy reading Muslim convert stories.