I have just found the funniest blog. For years I have been looking for a blog that I could totally relate to. Unfortunately, even many of the Muslim blogs just don’t hit home with me. My ideal blog would be written by a thirty something African American Muslim woman (fun going yet strictly Quran and Sunnah) from the South-side of Chicago, in an Interracial marriage living in Saudi Arabia. You can’t imagine how difficult that has been to find. I know of one other African American Muslim woman (Salafi) in an interracial Marriage living in Saudi. However, she’s younger than I am and doesn’t have a personal blog more of an information blog.

We all like blogs that we can relate to in one way or another, so I do frequent most Saudi related blogs. I have only found a few black blogs that I regularly visit. Then there are blogs that I visit based on a few other interest such as parenting, education, and health related topics.

Needless to say, it tickled me when I stumbled across a blog written by a young black man from the South-side of Chicago who lives in CHINA! He is currently an investment banker, but I will post an account of him on the reaction of an English class he was teaching in China when they saw that he was a black man. This is entertainment at best.