I have been screaming since I left the States how bad I miss Chicago Pizza. Of course I miss Giordano’s spinach stuffed pizza, but most of all I miss my neighborhood pizza place. I now know how I can get it in Saudi. I just need to alert the authorities that the U.S President Elect Barack Obama and I have the same exact favorite greasy pizza place. Then have them sponsor the owners to come and make their pizzas here! I even still remember the phone number! Italian Fiesta is the best pizza I have ever had. I have not even come close to having a pizza like that since I left Chicago. It’s greasy and cut in squares, not triangles or rectangles like Little Ceasers. Complete with ghetto service from the moment you place your order to the moment the thug delievers the pizza (cept for the fine one I had a crush on)! It’s the only pizza I’ve ever had covered in Aluminum Foil! It is so bad that I plan on asking whoever comes to visit me from my family, insha’Allah to dry freeze me a few pizzas and bring it on the plane with them.

Italian Fiesta Pizza in Hyde Park is taking its spicy-sauced, thin crust pizza to D.C. for an event previewing the food at the inauguration:
The Ritz in Washington D.C. is paying to fly the pizzeria’s owners to the nation’s capitol for the inauguration expo to be held there next week to serve their pizza there.

A month before the election, owner Patti Harris-Tubbs got a phone call from the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., asking if she would be willing to come to the nation’s capital to make her pizza if Obama won. She thought it was a joke, Harris-Tubbs when Obama won, the hotel e-mailed back, offering to fly her and her husband out to serve their pizza next week at the Presidential Inauguration Expo, which is an event designed to preview the food that will be served at inauguration time in January.

The owners told NBC that Obama was introduced to their pizza by Michelle Obama, whose parents gave it to her as a reward for good grades.


Michelle and I grew up in the same neighborhood (South Shore 60649), so I’m sure she was raised on the 71st Street Italian Fiesta. Later, they opened one in Hyde Park on 47th Street. I lived in Hyde Park too, and ordered from both.

*Nicole, Charita, Tikki, Paula – y’all reading this? Hook a Sistah up…Fed Ex me some!

*Remember all of our fights Nicole about me wanting ground beef and you just haventa have yo poke sauage pizza? rofl